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Runs in the Blood

We've been cooking for decades, and it shows.

Our Story

We are a large family of well over one hundred cousins and twenty plus years of restaurant experience. We own several Vietnamese restaurants within and surrounding Calgary as well as one in Saskatchewan. We grew up a close family and shared plenty of fun times, cooking and eating our favorite foods. Our passion is to share our experiences, nostalgia and memories with you through our cuisine. 

From our table to yours, from one family to another. 

We share the love.

Pictured:  Joseph Pham & Peter Pham


The Pa

Owner Joseph Pham, is an accomplished business man who came to Canada from Vietnam 35 years ago. He first started his venture in the food industry opening his own pizza shop in Toronto, Ontario. He later went on to become an affluent real estate agent owning his own brokerage in Calgary, Alberta. During this time, Joseph always hosted family dinner parties where he loved to test out new recipes and soon realized his true passion was always for food. 

Now Presenting, 

The Son

Owner Peter Pham is a busy father of three and current owner of Van Son Chestermere.  He holds a Hotel and Restaurant Management degree and has spent most of his adult life overseeing and guiding local businesses to success. Peter is most passionate about his community and providing exceptional customer service. In his spare time Peter loves to be with his family; travelling to tropical places, snowboarding, skating, biking and always trying out and supporting other local restaurants. 

Pictured: Natalie, Giuliana, Jessica, Xavier, and Peter

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